Sure, family-friendly, politically-correct, grandmother-approved party games can be a ton offun, but sometimes you and your friends just need some good ol’ adult fun. Here’s my list of the best party games for adults: 


Sara Hickman is Austin’s true Renaissance woman.  A singer/songwriter of unquestionable talent with a career dating back to her college years in Denton, Hickman is now almost as well known for a myriad of other pursuits including filmmaking, graphic design, community activism and freelance writing. Sure, there are other Austin musicians who wear multiple hats--but few wear as many of them as spectacularly as Sara!  


Greetings tune fans.  Can you feel it?  The excitement is building.  The music portion of SXSW is but three weeks away.  Here is the latest development: 


Anybody who ventures out regularly to catch live music inside the city limits of Austin, knows that there are more talented musicians here than corn chips in your favorite Tex-Mex joint.  The sacker at your neighborhood grocery store may well be a future Grammy winner or composer of a Top-Twenty hit.  But to be sure, attaining even a modest level of success takes a tremendous amount of hard work, persistence, and pure luck. 


Anybody out there jonesing to sample the best new record thus far in 2013?  Two of Austin’s most highly regarded country artists have joined forces for the first time in their long and noteworthy careers to produce an instant classic.  And it’ a wonder they’ve taken so long due to the fact they are talented husband and wife Bruce Robison and Kelly Willis.  It’s not surprising that the album entitled “Cheater’s Game” is garnering rave reviews.  Robison is perhaps Austin’s most accomplished songwriter, having contributed tunes on the recordings of country superstars, George Strait, Tim McGraw, and the Dixie Chicks.  Willis has been a critics darling since her major label days back in the ‘90s.  The couple will perform and sign copies of the new CD at Waterloo Records on March 6 at 5 pm.  (


If there is one name that comes to mind when the words Austin and music are mentioned inthe same breath, it’s the Redheaded Stranger his ownself, the one and only, Willie Nelson.  But lining up right behind our pony-tailed favorite son, is a guy who, though not nearly as well known nationwide, commands respect and admiration from fans and critics alike for a brilliant career that spans four decades.  And like Willie, in his adopted hometown, his first name is all you need to know. 


If you haven’t heard, one of Austin’s most formidable talents, blues guitar master Jimmie Vaughan, experienced a frightening health scare last week when he suffered a heart attack while on the road.  Fortunately, it was a relatively mild event and Vaughan is back in Austin, taking a month off to recover.  The older sibling of the late blues icon Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimmie has been a star in his own right since he played lead guitar for the Texas-based blues rockers the Fabulous Thunderbirds in the 1980s.  After making one record with his brother before his untimely death, Jimmie went solo and has been a star of the blues world ever since.  You can go to his web site and send him get well wishes: 


Howdy folks!  Question: Do you love music in all its manifestations?  Then allow me to introduce you to Barbara Kooyman, one of Austin’s finest singer/songwriter’s and most dynamic creative forces.  Even within a city as dense and bursting with musical mayhem and mastery as A-town, few have a resume as impressive as the Wisconsin native. 


Welcome to the fun and info-filled new addition to the home of Spontuneous: Songs in the Key of ATX, a blog covering what our favorite board game would not exist without: popular music. Twice weekly, yours truly will provide news, updates and tips about cool people, places, and events originating in Austin and beyond in the world of pop.  I, like you, am a music fanatic.  I could no more exist without the soul-nurturing mixture of rhythm, beat, and melody found in great tunes, than I could without the flavor, spice, texture and aroma that comprise the food that nourishes the body!  I have also had the privilege of working in the biz for a stretch—as the publicist for the award-winning PBS concert series Austin City Limits--which gave me an inside look at how talented music-makers do their thing.  Passing on stories, anecdotes, tips, and inside scoops will be my pleasure.  Alright, let’s get with it! 


Are you one rescue away from becoming the next dog lady? Or do you simply love your precious pup so much that you’re constantly looking for new ideas and games to include your doggie in the fun? Well, whether you’re even a pup owner or not, these doggie-themed board games are perfect for any dog lover!