Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Are you one rescue away from becoming the next dog lady? Or do you simply love your precious pup so much that you’re constantly looking for new ideas and games to include your doggie in the fun? Well, whether you’re even a pup owner or not, these doggie-themed board games are perfect for any dog lover!



If you love Monopoly, and dogs, Dog-Opoly is for you! It’s played just like regular Monopoly, but with a fun canine twist, where the pieces are dog-themed (i.e fire hydrant, dog dish, flea, T-bone steak) and the deeds teach you fun facts about dog breeds.

Also, if you’re anything like me and tend to be a little partial to one specific breed (Yorkies #1!) then you can try the breed-specific ‘Opolys, such as Yorkie-Opoly.

Game of Life – Dog’s Life

Eat, sleep, have belly scratched, play, repeat – dogs clearly have a tough life…NOT! So if you’d like to pretend, even for a little, that your life is just as simple, then try the Game of Life – Dog’s Life. It’s just as much fun as the original, but with doggie-themed pieces and even the opportunity to customize your token so that you’re actually playing with a picture of your own dog.

Play with Your Dog


This is the perfect game to play at a dog birthday, Yappy Hour, or doggie date (yes, these things exist!). The goal is to “finagle” your dog into completing various commands, such as doing the Moonwalk or the Wave.  You then get tags for all of the tasks your dog successfully completes, and the player with the most tags wins.

Lucky Dog Lottery

Ever wonder where the expression “Lucky Dog” comes from? Well how about you put it to the text by having your dog pick your next lottery numbers!? Here’s how to play:

Learn about Your Dog

Woof and me

Have your kids been begging you for a pup but you fear they’re not ready for the responsibility? Then start the conversation with a fun game of Woof and Me, the “number one educational board game about pet care”.  Kids will learn about the importance of exercise, training, and providing fresh food and water to their pup, while also learning fun activities to do with their dog, such as going to the park, hiking, pet friendly stores, and agility training.

And as a bonus, checkout this limited time offer via Ebay: Look like your dog?

(Because every dog-lover should own one of these. Definitely too funny to pass up!)

Marketer, brander and occasional Yorkie whisperer Stephanie Falcon is a recent Austin transplant (previously from Boston, Miami, Montreal, Venezuela). She loves cooking, entertaining, fascinating tech people, and roaring board game nights.