Thursday, February 07, 2013

If you haven’t heard, one of Austin’s most formidable talents, blues guitar master Jimmie Vaughan, experienced a frightening health scare last week when he suffered a heart attack while on the road.  Fortunately, it was a relatively mild event and Vaughan is back in Austin, taking a month off to recover.  The older sibling of the late blues icon Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimmie has been a star in his own right since he played lead guitar for the Texas-based blues rockers the Fabulous Thunderbirds in the 1980s.  After making one record with his brother before his untimely death, Jimmie went solo and has been a star of the blues world ever since.  You can go to his web site and send him get well wishes:

Waterloo Records

If ever you’re looking to catch some live music in Austin and need to limit your cash outlay in doing so, don’t forget to check the schedule at Waterloo Records, Austin’s renowned record store.  Since 1982, Waterloo has been the model for independent record stores across the country, dedicated to supporting local and Texas artists first and foremost.  Waterloo’s in-store performances—free showcases by artists promoting a newly released record—are legendary.  On any given day, fans can catch big name locals, touring bands, or fast rising up-and-comers on their in-store stage.  And get this: There’s always a keg of beer on hand to quench your thirst while you’re in line to get an autograph.  Check the schedule for in-store performances here:  

Looking Ahead

Last week I noted a couple of major Austin events barreling down the pike: South by Southwest and a new season of Austin City Limits tapings.  There is another one that deserves mention as well, one that showcases plenty of fabulous live music.  The 76th Star of Texas Fair and Rodeo runs from March 8 – 23, and features an array of popular acts in addition to the headliners of the four-legged variety.  This year’s featured acts include country legend Merle Haggard, ‘70s hit machine Three Dog Night, and red-hot Alabama Shakes.  Check out the entire schedule here:

Check me next week for more fab tips and morsels from the Austin music scene.  Until then: Keep It Low and Swinging!

Photos via Flickr CC, courtesy of swanksalot and Guillaume Laurent

Pat Cosgrove considers himself Austin's quintessential live-music fan.  He can be found catching shows several nights a week at venues such as the continental Gallery and the White Horse Saloon, to name a few.  He is constantly searching for the next hot, under-the-radar act and coolest new live-music joints.  He is also a world traveler, a tequila drinker and a dancing fool.  If you see him out on the town, don't hesitate to say howdy.