Sure, family-friendly, politically-correct, grandmother-approved party games can be a ton offun, but sometimes you and your friends just need some good ol’ adult fun. Here’s my list of the best party games for adults: 


Are you one rescue away from becoming the next dog lady? Or do you simply love your precious pup so much that you’re constantly looking for new ideas and games to include your doggie in the fun? Well, whether you’re even a pup owner or not, these doggie-themed board games are perfect for any dog lover! 


Connect Four Party Board GamesPicture this: It’s game night. Your friends are all gathered around and you’ve prepared all of the right drinks and foods. You’ve even compiled your favorite party board games, from the classics to the best game-show inspired board games you could find. But even so, you’re still looking for something more, something that will make your game night different and unique. What you need is custom rules!

No matter how great a board game, there's something incredibly satisfying and fun about making up new rules with your friends. All of a sudden, a party board game you’ve played a thousand times takes on a whole new meaning. It’s as if you’re playing it for the very first time!

To help spark your creativity, here are some fun twists on some of our favorite party board games:


Scrabble…in Pig Latin

Regardless of whether we're avid players of “Words with Friends” or vintage enthusiasts, we’ve all played Scrabble. How much fun would it be if - rather than coming up with words in English - you were forced to play in Pig Latin? (I won’t bother explaining since Wikipedia already does a much better job here and here.) 


Drew Carey and Contestant on The Price Is RightThere’s something about game shows, with their cliché catch phrases, kooky contestants and fabulous prizes, that we can't help but love. To bring some of that excitement into your home or next party, here are my top 5 fun board games inspired by a game show.